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- Surrounded by Christ -

Starting Low; Moving Slow; Continually We Grow

- Surrounded by Christ -

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, as a ministry of the Church, will first look toward the wellness of our students and their families as well as ourselves. Having accomplished what we can for physical well-being, we will use the spiritual, social, and emotional wellness of our community as our guide. After this, the faculty and staff will work toward maintaining academic achievement from the year and look toward appropriate opportunities to help grow our students and assist our families.

School Administration and School Office

  • Be present on campus or remotely from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to support the needs of students and teachers.
  • Work with families who do not currently have the Internet or technological infrastructure in place to meet learning expectations.
  • Respond to family, faculty, and staff concerns within a reasonable time-frame.
  • Constantly review and revise this plan based upon feedback and data, both objective and subjective, on what is best for the entire student and/or family.
  • Check with each teacher on a regular basis and review his/her resources/delivery to see what is working well and what areas they need additional support.
  • Provide teachers with additional instructional and assessment support as issues arise.
  • Start - Ensure that core subject faculty are inputting one grade per week for grades 6-8 in theology math, ELA, science and social studies; for grades 1-5 in theology, math and ELA.
  • Ensure that all are following the student and faculty attendance policy established in this plan.
  • Continue to provide small-group training to help support online instruction and assessment.
  • Oversee substitute teacher responsibilities for teachers out for sick leave or Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave.
  • Develop a Return-to-School plan for students as well as the entire school community.


  • Follow all Safe Environment training guidelines, especially the “Social Media Guidelines,” for all distance learning interactions.
  • Respond to parent concerns within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Form work and expectations around the spiritual, social, and emotional well-being of the students and their families. Adjust either individually or the whole group as needed.
  • Continue to infuse lessons with Catholic social teachings and values.
  • Use the school designated systems to post communications, assignments, and feedback.
    • 3rd Grade through 8th Grade - Student SCBOKC Gmail, Google Classroom, Zoom where appropriate (Google Meet as alternate).
    • 3rd through 5th should have a Classroom; specialists can join into that/post information through that.
    • Pre-K through 2nd Grade - Parent e-mail, already established Class Dojo, other resources.
  • Ensure all learning materials and resources are age appropriate, situationally appropriate (the greater current situation), and relevant to the standards.
  • Work with special services teachers to continue to meet the needs of already identified students and also all students as needed.
  • When possible and appropriate, promote critical thinking by asking deep, thought-provoking questions and providing students with opportunities to interact with each other, e.g., posing questions to peers and making comments on others’ posts.
  • Collect feedback about student mastery for each standard. This does not necessarily mean a grade.
  • Know or collect student attendance based on the school’s plan.
  • Start - Ensure that core subject faculty are inputting one grade per week for grades 6-8 in theology math, ELA, science and social studies; for grades 1-5 in theology, math and ELA.
  • Communications
    • Be available to students remotely during set “office hours.” These hours will be 9:00 am until 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm daily excluding Friday.
    • Friday afternoon will be reserved for our Profession Learning Meetings with a final check of “office hours” from 2:30 pm until 3:30 pm.
    • Video-conferencing sessions should only be scheduled with parent/guardian knowledge and should include at least two students or one other adult.
  • Not be present on campus unless following the established protocols of notification, approval, and guidelines..
  • Communicate with administrators if planning to take sick leave or the Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave time.

School Schedule

  • In general, classroom work will be posted/e-mailed by 9:00 am on a given day. Some classroom work may be multi-day.
  • Video-conferencing/Live Class -  A survey has been sent. After parental responses,  time-frames will be determined to show the best time of day to have synchronous time.  With known information, K will most likely use Zoom in the evening. Pre-K is planning to zoom Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 am.

Faculty Preparation and Training

  • During this year, our school has participated in the Archdiocesan initiative of the Professional Learning Early Release. These have occurred on Wednesdays when students are released from school an hour early. These meetings, which we call Professional Learning Meetings (PLM), are not merely typical faculty meetings but are designed weekly professional learning. In these, much of it is led by differing faculty and their experiences and expertise. One of these, who is a Google certified trainer, has shared instructional technology to the whole group. These shares mostly have been about Google Classroom. She also has worked one-on-one with teachers and individual needs.
  • Going forward, the same model will be employed with our weekly meeting on Wednesdays except now virtually and on Fridays at 1:00 pm. In addition, faculty and staff know that they may reach out to said teacher or administration in order to receive assistance.

Student Attendance Policy

  • Student attendance will be collected daily. The following prescribed method should be done by 3:00 pm for each day. If attendance is unknown, the office manager will follow the normal school procedures except the follow-through time now will be adjusted to the following morning.
  • 3rd Grade through 8th Grade - There will be one Google Classroom for student attendance. The office manager will collect information in the Google Form and enter it into FACTS SIS
  • Pre-K through 2nd - parents will provide attendance through Class Dojo, and each faculty member will input into FACTS SIS by 3:30 pm of given day.